Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Maternity Portrait Photograher, Victoria BC

I still can't quite believe that I've already got these ready to share... this is the quickest I've ever completed proofing a session!
But Cynthia is due really soon and since baby **** could arrive any day, I crossed my fingers that I could get their images to them first.

I shared a sneak-peek on the blog last week, and now that Cynthia & Matt have the rest of their images, I get to share a few more of my favorites...

(I usually prefer b&w images, but there's just something about the color of this one)

(The dogs - seriously, look how cute and well-behaved they are)

(Cynthia brought this book along... it was a gift from her Mom for their baby girl)

(As usual, saving my favorite for last. One of the best things about evening sessions is the potential for silhouettes)

Cynthia & Matt - it was so great meeting you and spending a few hours together. Congrats again and I'm SOOOOO looking forward to meeting your new little doll!!!