Friday, March 26, 2010

Flashback Friday - First Photo

I was talking with Winnie yesterday and we somehow got on the topic of BRAND newborn babies... and how most of them look sorta like aliens and have a face that only their parents could love. haha. I told her that, of course, when my little Tadpole arrived he was the cutest little thing ever and didn't look like an alien at all! Which I assume is what most parents say. haha. I told her I'd share his very first photo on my blog as today's flashback... I've converted it to black&white because the purple-alien-skin might be a bit too frigthening for the masses ;)

Ahhh... my shrieking, perfect, purple little Tadpole.... just minutes old... and still just as cute as I remember thru my teary-eyed, blurred vision :)